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Richard Harwood Dodwell Kitchin (January 15, 1913 - 1991) was a painter and restorer.

Richard Harwood Dodwell Kitchin was born on January 15, 1913, in Oxted, England. When he was six years old, his family moved to Switzerland, where he began his studies and stayed until 1926, when he returned to England.

Artist Richard Kitchin, born 1913 Sitter Peggy Wood, 9 Feb 1892 - 1978 Date c. 1940, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; bequest of Margaret Wood Walling

In late 1939, Rupert Barneby and Dwight Ripley lived at Padre Hotel, Hollywood, and they became part of the wartime colony of English expatriates that soon flourished along the southern California coast. At the beginning of WWII, Jean Connolly moved to Los Angeles and brought her close friend, Denham Fouts, a storied young American who was the lover then of Peter Watson, the wealthy publisher of Horizon, and was widely assumed to have been, before that, the lover of Prince Paul of Greece. These are the figures satirized by Christopher Isherwood in his novel Down There on a Visit, a novel in which the portrayal of Jean Connolly as Ruthie is so rude that it confirmed, said Rupert Barneby, Dwight Ripley's longstanding opinion that Isherwood was a snit. Soon the circle of expatriate friends around Dwight and Rupert had expanded to include several who found work, as did Isherwood, in the motion-picture industry. Especially close to Dwight were Keith Winter, a novelist, playwright, and Oxford classmate who worked as a screenwriter on Joan Crawford movies (he wrote the screenplay for Above Suspicion), and Richard Kitchin, a set artist who painted a Surrealist portrait of Dwight.

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