Queer Places:
Yale University (Ivy League), 38 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06520
Lewis Walpole Library, 154 Main St, Farmington, CT 06032
Riverside Cemetery, 160 Garden St, Farmington, CT 06032

Wilmarth Sheldon "Lefty" Lewis (November 14, 1895 – October 7, 1979) was a member of the Horace Walpole Society, elected in 1951.

Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis was born in Alameda, California, on November 14, 1895. He graduated from Yale College in 1918. While at Yale, Lewis was editor of the Lit, and contributed to the Courant and the Record.

Yale University, New Haven, CT

He served in the army during World War I and in the OSS during World War II.

He was a member of many societies and a contributor to multiple magazines, including Atlantic Monthly. He was also an expert and collector of the writings of Horace Walpole, the 18th century English writer. He was introduced to Walpole's writings by John Masefield, while the two were sailing to Europe to fight in World War I.

On January 25, 1928, he married Annie Burr Auchincloss, who died in 1959 and with whom he had no children. Together with Carleton Burke and Mitch Davenport, he was the society companion of Laura Barney Harding. Harding’s friend, Katherine Hepburn, shared Davenport and had also Alan Campbell as companion. All these men were closeted homosexual, who did not mind to play partner for their female friends.

Lewis died in Connecticut, on October 7, 1979.

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