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105 Maron St NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33704 Shoaff Seiter (November 15, 1905 – January 11, 1986) was an American actor. He was the brother of film director William Seiter.

Robert Seiter was born on November 15, 1905 in Mt Vernon, Westchester Country, New York.

In the 1920s in college, Seiter began a relationship with Grady Sutton. In 1924, Bobby Seiter, having moved to California, secured Grady some extra work at Universal in his brother's pictures. Sutton would go on to larger partes, specializing in the daffy Southerner, befuddled and flustered around pretty women.

Seiter briefly worked as a cameraman in the 1930s, thanks to his brother's connections. He moved into editing, helped this time not so much by his brother but by his status as a favored "trick" of George Cukor and his friends. He had a career that lasted into the television era.

By the mid-1930s, George Cukor was not only established as a prominent director but, socially, as an unofficial head of Hollywood's gay subculture. His home, redecorated in 1935 by gay actor-turned-interior designer William Haines with gardens designed by Florence Yoch & Lucile Council, was the scene of many gatherings for the industry's homosexuals. The close-knit group reputedly included Haines and his partner Jimmie Shields, writer Somerset Maugham, director James Vincent, screenwriter Rowland Leigh, costume designers Orry-Kelly and Robert Le Maire, and actors John Darrow, Anderson Lawler, Grady Sutton, Robert Seiter and Tom Douglas. Frank Horn, secretary to Cary Grant, was also a frequent guest.[43]

He was a Navy Veteran of World War II and served with the John Ford Movie Unit.

He moved to Florida in 1970 from California, where he was a motion picture film editor and also was an editor for such TV programs as Medic, Green Acres, and Leave It to Beaver.

He died on January 11, 1986, at Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, Florida.

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