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Justin Brooke (January 31, 1886 - June, 1963), a farmer, together with Rupert Brooke, founded in 1907 The Marlowe Society in Cambridge.

Justin Brooke was born in Bedford Park, Middlesex, England on 31 January 1886 to Arthur Brooke and Alice Catherine Young. Arthur Brooke (1845-1918) was the founder of the british tea company Brooke, Bond & Co. Ltd. Arthur Brooke established his business in 1869 and was making £5,000 a year at the age of 30 with shops in all the major cities of Britain and warehouse in London. Arthur Brooke was married to Alice Young daughter of William Young a naval officer, in 1875. They first lived in Stonebridge Park, Willesden then moved to Bedford park, then Kensington later bought a country house near Dorking. The couple had four children Gerald, Justin, Neville, and Rupert and two known grandchildren namely John and David, who were all involved in the company.

Justin Brooke was educated at Bedales and Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

Rupert Brooke was closer to a group of friends, who Virginia Woolf called the ‘neo-pagans’, possibly due to their love of the outdoors. This group included Rupert Brooke, Ethel Pye, Katherine Cox, the Olivier sisters (Brynhild Olivier, Noël Oliveri, Margery Oliver and Daphne Oliver), Jacques and Gwen Raverat, Frances Cornford and Justin Brooke. Despite sharing the same surname, Justin Brooke was not a relative of Rupert’s.

Justin Brooke had 5 children: Justin Brooke (1920 - 2005), Pleasance Brooke (1918 - 2004), Elizabeth Brooke (1922 - 2017), Jennifer Brooke (1925 - 2012), and Charles Brooke (1931 - 1977).

He passed away on June 1963 in Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England.

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