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Dame Frances Margaret Anderson, AC, DBE (10 February 1897 – 3 January 1992[2]), known professionally as Judith Anderson, was an Australian-born British actress who had a successful career in stage, film and television. A preeminent stage actress in her era, she won two Emmy Awards and a Tony Award and was also nominated for a Grammy Award and an Academy Award. She is considered one of the 20th-century's greatest classical stage actors.

Anderson appeared in many feature films, often as a dark, wicked character, such as the dyke-like Mrs. Danvers in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca. Her other films include Lady Scarface, Kings Row with Ronald Reagan, Laura with Clifton Webb, Salom, The Ten Commandments, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cinderfella, and Star Trek III.

Though she lived quietly in Santa Barbara, it was no secret in Hollywood that Anderson was a lesbian. After she played Big Mama in the film version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof she said, "Tennessee Williams informed me that all his gentlemen friends were convinced it was a stretch for me to play a heterosexual."

Anderson was married twice and declared that "neither experience was a jolly holiday":[35]

Anderson loved Santa Barbara, California, and spent much of her life there. She died there, of pneumonia, in 1992, aged 94.[2][40]


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