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Harvard University
22 May Street, Worcester, MA

William Wigglesworth Chamberlin (July 25, 1850 - February 6, 1910) is the author of An Extravaganza on the Ancient Ballad of Lord Bateman. A novel by Frederick Wadsworth Loring, titled Two College Friends, published in 1871, is set at Harvard University and, later, during the Civil War. Loring dedicated his story to his Harvard friend and classmate, William Wigglesworth Chamberlin, suggesting that the chums of the novel paralleled these chums in life.

William Wigglesworth Chamberlin was born in Worcester, on July 25, 1850, to Henry Harmon Chamberlin (born 1813) and Charlotte Ramsay Clarke. In 1872, he married Elizabeth Paine (born 1840) , daughter of Charles Paine of Chalmers. They had one son, Henry Harmon Chamberlin. He was a member of the Pacific and Nantucket Yacth Club, Boston Authors' Club, American Club London, Authors' Club London.

He died on February 6, 1910.

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