Partner Dorothy Burroughes

Dorothy Burroughes, Book jacket design, 1928Vere Stuart Menteth Hutchinson (1891 - October 27, 1932) was friends with Radclyffe Hall and Una Troubridge, her lover was Dorothy Burroughes.

Vere Hutchinson was the daughter of a general, and a novelist (a member of the Stuart Menteths, a noble Scottish family). Her brother was the novelist A.S.M. Hutchinson.

She had five books published in the 1920s, and although unknown today she merited an entry in Who's Who. From about 1913 was living with her partner Dorothy Burroughes, firstly in unfurnished rooms off the Harrow Road and later in a large house in Maida Vale. Dorothy Burroughes' relationship with Vere Hutchinson was traumatic: Vere developed a virus at thirty-three which progressed to paralysis and insanity; and then to her early death when she was only forty-one.

V.S.M. Hutchinson's will (probate London, 27 October 1932) left all her possessions to Dorothy Mary Burroughes Burroughes. The will of Dorothy Mary Burroughes Burroughes (probate Oxford, 6 September 1963) leaves her estate, including Hutchinson's copyrights, first to Margaret Elizabeth Craft, and after Craft's death to be divided equally into three parts between Tom Laurie James Burroughes, Peggy Woodman and Laurie Howell. The current position has yet to be clarified.

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