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Stanley Addleshaw (December 1, 1871, Chorlton - January 25, 1951, Huntington, Cambs) was a clergyman who usually employed the pseudonym "Alan Stanley" for his Uranian verses, such as "Love at Hinksey". Addleshaw wrote an introduction to "My Sea and Other Poems" by Roden Noel. August Blue (1894) is cited as example in Sexual Heretics: Male Homosexuality in English Literature from 1850-1900, by Brian Reade.

Stanley Addleshaw attended Pembroke College, Oxford, matriculated on October 25, 1890. He became Canon and married Rose Elgood Punchard. His son Very Rev. George William Outram Addleshaw (1906-1982) became Dean of Chester.

Since Addleshaw wished to disguise his Uranian authorship from casual readers but not from the Uranian cognoscenti or the friends of his undergraduate days, Addleshaw not only included "Love at Hinksey" in his pseudonymous Love Lyrics, published in 1894 by Gay & Bird of London, but also under his own name in the more specialized, less-likely-to-be-generally-read Word Verses, edited by Francis Rosslyn Courtenay Bruce (1871-1956) and published in the same year by B. H. Blackwell of Oxford and Simpkin Marshall of London. A reader who had acquired both volumes—making it possible for him to discover that "Alan Stanley" was, in fact, Addleshaw—would likely have been a member of at least one of the groups above that Addleshaw was not at-tempting to avoid autobiographically.

Stanley Addleshaw, reviewing Arthur Symons's Silhouettes (1892) in The Spirit Lamp, takes up the baton—'Nearly every poem in the book is unhealthy, the atmosphere is that of the hothouse—and he adds, 'These are the orchids of the muse, and he who loves wild-flowers may not approach them.' Yet Addleshaw makes clear that this not a disparagement but an invitation to an elite—'the chosen few who love their Baudelaire as well as their Matthew Arnold; to whom the air of the hot-house laden with the over-powering perfume of exotics is as welcome as the breezes that blow over the sea-bound meadows'.

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