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Waldfriedhof Dahlem, 14195 Berlin, Germany

Image result for O. E. HasseOtto Eduard Hasse (11 July 1903 – 12 September 1978) was a German film actor and director.

Hasse was born to Wilhelm Gustav Eduard Hasse, a blacksmith, and Valeria Hasse in the village of Obersitzko, Province of Posen, Imperial Germany and gained his first stage experiences in high school at Kolmar, together with his classmate Berta Drews. Hasse began to study law at the University of Berlin but abandoned this study after three semesters and changed over to Max Reinhardt's acting school at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, to receive an actor's education.

He first appeared at theatres in Thale, Breslau, and from 1930 till 1939 at the Kammerspiele in Munich, where he also worked as a stage director for the first time. In 1939, he moved to the German Theatre in Prague and shortened his name to O.E. instead of Otto Eduard.

In 1944, he was conscripted to the Luftwaffe and slightly wounded. After World War II Hasse became a famous German film actor, also internationally appearing in the Alfred Hitchcock film I Confess (1953) with Montgomery Clift and Anne Baxter, and starring with Clark Gable and Lana Turner in Betrayed (1954).

In 1959, he was a member of the jury at the 9th Berlin International Film Festival.[1]

Hasse was the German dubbing voice of Charles Laughton, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable. Hasse died in Berlin and is buried at the Waldfriedhof Dahlem.

Since 1981, the Academy of Arts, Berlin, has awarded an O.E. Hasse Prize to benefit young actors.

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