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Pl. Mireille-Havet, Paris, France

Image result for Mireille HavetMireille Havet (de Soyécourt), born on October 4, 1898 at Médan (Yvelines), and died on in the sanatorium of Montana ( Switzerland ), was a French writer.

Mireille Havet was the daughter of the painter Henri Havet (1862-1913) and his wife Léoncine Cornillier, sister of Pierre-Émile Cornillier. She is also the granddaughter of linguist Alfred Havet (1827-1896). The sister of Mireille will marry the poet and literary critic Paul Aeschimann.

Friend of Colette, Jean Cocteau, Guillaume Apollinaire who called her "La petite poyétesse" 1 , and the first surrealists, Mireille Havet is "rediscovered" thanks to the edition of her diary that she kept from 1913 to 1929 , whose manuscript was only found in 1995 1 .

In 1917, she met, through Colette, the American Natalie Clifford Barney, icon of Paris lesbian of the time, which she attended the salon. She binds to great figures like the Countess of Limur 2 , she discovers the work of the homosexual Renée Vivien. The attendance of these women will play a big role in the personal recognition of her homosexuality 3 . She was openly homosexual, both in her journal and in the city.

She wrote a novel, Carnaval, published in November 1922 in Les Œuvres libres , then in September 1923 at Editions Albin Michel 5 and in 2005 by Editions Claire Paulhan 6 .

She died at the age of 33 of physical disrepair due in particular to tuberculosis and drug addiction 7 , abandoned by her friends, offering for a few coins her skinny body to passers-by. She bequeaths her notebooks and manuscripts to her friend Ludmila Savitzky .

On January 29, 2009 , a place bearing his name was inaugurated in the 11th arrondissement of Paris 2 .

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