Madeleine Annette Bonneaud (January 4 , 1921 – November 13 , 1991) was a French artist. After her marriage to Óscar Domínguez in 1945, she was called Maud Domínguez, later, after her marriage to Eduardo Westerdahl in 1955, she became known as Maud Westerdahl. In 1957 Valentine Penrose traveled to Tenerife, welcomed by the marriage formed by the art critic Eduardo Westerdahl and Maud Bonneaud.

Maud Bonneaud was born in Limoges on 4 January 1921, the daughter of the pedagogue Adrienne Aimée L'Hotelier and the high school teacher Arsènne Theódore Bonneaud. In the course of her schooling, she attended an international school in London for some time from 1936. After graduating from high school in Limoges, she studied at the University of Poitiers from 1939. During this time she got to know various representatives of Surrealism (including André Breton), who left a strong impression on her. After graduating from university in literature in 1941, she published articles and poems in various French newspapers and magazines.

From 1943 she lived in Paris, which at the time was occupied by German troops. She maintained contacts with the avant-garde artists who remained there, including Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar, Man Ray and Óscar Domínguez. At the beginning of 1944, her father was deported and murdered in the Buchenwald concentration camp. In 1945 she married Óscar Domínguez Palazon in Paris. In this year she also began to produce smaller pictures, objects and jewelry in an enamel technique developed by herself. Due to the method of production, the individual pieces have only a small format (e.B. 8 × 10 cm). By compiling several pieces into an overall picture, however, larger pictures were also created. Her work was subsequently shown in exhibitions at the Anglo-French Art Center in London as well as in Olomouc, Prague and Bratislava. Maud Bonneaud was also represented in the permanent exhibition of the Galería Dina Vierny. She made some pieces of jewellery for Christian Dior. In April 1954, a solo exhibition of her work organized by Eduardo Westerdahl took place at the Casino Principal de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. For the opening, Maud Domínguez travelled to her husband's home in Tenerife for the first time. This exhibition was subsequently also shown in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Photograph of Valentine Penrose and Maud Westerdahl, 1952–6, by Eileen Agar 1899–1991

Marie Louise Richard: Óscar Domínguez, Valentine Penrose y Maud Bonneaud, Londres, 1947. Reproducida en Eduardo y Maud Westerdahl, 2 miradas del siglo 20.

Autor desconocido: Man Ray, Maud Bonneaud y Óscar Domínguez, París, 1947, Archivo Hugo Westerdahl.

After the divorce from Óscar Domínguez, she married Eduardo Westerdahl Oramas on November 22, 1955 in Paris. On October 28, 1957, their son Hugo Bernardo Westerdahl Bonneaud was born. At the end of the 50s, Maud Westerdahl again increasingly emerged with literary activities and new images and objects. She wrote art reviews for various newspapers and magazines, but above all she wrote the texts for a whole series of exhibition catalogues of artist friends. The Westerdahl couple made various trips during which they repeatedly met Pablo Picasso. After the death of her husband in 1983, she moved to Madrid in 1987, but often spent the winter in Tenerife. Maud Westerdahl died on November 13, 1991 in Madrid.

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