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Lucian Michael Freud (8 December 1922 – 20 July 2011) was a British painter and draftsman, specializing in figurative art, and is known as one of the foremost 20th-century portraitists. He was born in Berlin, the son of Jewish architect Ernst L. Freud and the grandson of Sigmund Freud. His family moved to Britain in 1933 to escape the rise of Nazism.

Early in WWII, Peter Watson had arranged a studio for the Scottish painters Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde (they were known as "the two Roberts" because they were a couple.) Later he provided support to John Craxton, Michael Wishart, and Lucian Freud. Dwight Ripley joined in this project, if marginally, when he bought an oil by MacBryde and lent it to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

From 1942-43 Freud attended Goldsmiths College, London. He enlisted in the Merchant Navy during the Second World War.

His early career as a painter was influenced by surrealism, but by the early 1950s his often stark and alienated paintings tended towards realism.[1] Freud was an intensely private and guarded man, and his paintings, completed over a 60-year career, are mostly of friends and family. They are generally sombre and thickly impastoed, often set in unsettling interiors and urban landscapes. The works are noted for their psychological penetration and often discomforting examination of the relationship between artist and model. Freud worked from life studies, and was known for asking for extended and punishing sittings from his models.[2]

Lucian Freud Slipped Away | Lucian freud portraits, Lucian freud, David  hockney
Lucian Freud by David Hockney

Lucian Freud, Flyda and Arvid (1947). A psychedelic Lucian Freud self-portrait featuring his wife, Kathleen “Kitty” Garman.

Lucian Freud by Clifford Coffin (1947). | Lucian freud, Portrait, Famous  artists
Lucian Freud (1922-2011) Painter London, 18 March 1947 Vintage print Vogue, The Condé Nast Publications Ltd

Lucian Freud
Lucian Freud c.1945 Francis Goodman (1913–1989) National Portrait Gallery, London

Freud is rumoured to have fathered as many as forty children[41] although this number is generally accepted as an exaggeration. Fourteen children have been identified, two from Freud's first marriage and 12 by various mistresses.[42] Writer Esther Freud and fashion designer Bella Freud are his daughters by Bernadine Coverley.

After an affair with Lorna Garman, he went on to marry, in 1948, her niece Kathleen "Kitty" Epstein, daughter of sculptor Jacob Epstein and socialite Kathleen Garman. They had two daughters, Annabel Freud and the poet Annie Freud before their marriage ended in 1952.[43] Kitty Freud, later known as Kitty Godley (after her marriage in 1955 to economist Wynne Godley), died in 2011.[44] Freud then began to see Guinness heiress and writer Lady Caroline Blackwood. They married in 1953 but divorced in 1959.[43]

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