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Homer Alan Dana (April 9, 1900 - January 3, 1987) was a sculptor in San Diego, California. He worked on the Federal Art Project during the Depression. Starting in the 1950s, Clark W. Brott became an artist's model to augment his income and to explore his sexuality. Brott was a favored model for Delbert J. McBride as well as for sculptor Donal Hord and his photographer/lover Homer A. Dana, both of whom were originally from the Northwest.

Born in Ellensburg, WA on April 9, 1900. Dana (né Kautz) arrived in San Diego in 1909 and enrolled at the Theosophical Society on Point Loma. While in the U.S. Navy, in 1920 he met Donal Hord and began modeling for him. With Hord, he studied bronze casting at the Santa Barbara School of the Arts for one semester. This began a long association as Hord's assistant and stonecutter which continued until Hord's death in 1966. He was a resident of San Diego until his death on Jan. 3, 1987.

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