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Image result for Charles E. GreenoughCharles E. Greenough (October 23, 1880 – May 11, 1952) was the longtime friend of Henry Symes Lehr (March 28, 1869 – January 3, 1929). Harry Lehr was said to have had a long intimate relationship with Charles Greenough, unknown to Lehr's wife, Elizabeth Wharton Drexel, and later to the women Greenough married.

Greenough was born on October 23, 1880, in New York, N.Y., the son of Charles Edward Greenough and Frances Grey Dawson Greenough. He attended Saint Paul's School, Concord.

He traveled in U.S and Europe, discovered gold and silver in Mexico in 1906, was the founder and treasurer of the Grand Union Mining Co. in 1907, was the president of the Lewin Construction Co and International Fire Preventive Co., was assistant to president of the Standard Register Co., was associate to Duo Photo, Inc., Carrier Call Corp., Central Trust Co., later Central Hanover Bank & Trust Co.

During World War I he was Captain of Infantry in 1917, R.O.T. C instructor and Major in 1918, was overseas from 1918 to 1919 and was discharged in 1919. he was awarded a Silver Star Citation, Purple Heart, Conspicuous Service Medal (NY) , N.Y State War Medal, Victory, St. Mihiel Medal, French Wound Ribbon, Medaille Commemorative de la Grande Guerre, French Victory Medal, LL.B .

He attended Columbia Law School, graduating in 1924, and was class president from 1921 to 1923, governor of the Student Council from 1923 to 1924, permanent president of the Class of 1924, representative of the Alumni Fund. He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1925.

During World War II he was Lieutenant Colonel of the Reserves from 1941 to 1942, and was awarded a conspicuous service medal.

He was a member of the St. Nicholas Society, N Y., Society of Military & Naval Officers of World Wars, Military Order of Foreign Wars, Military Order of World Wars, Society of American Wars, American Legion, Society of American Military Engineers, Veterans Foreign Wars, Army & Navy Union of the U.S A , Sons of Revolution, Sons of American Revolution, Society of Colonial Wars (N.Y.), Colonial Order of the Acorn, Baronial Order of Runnemede, Plantagenet Society, Descendents of Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Colonial Order of the
Crown, Sovereign Colonial Society of Americans of Royal Descent, Reserve Officers Assn , Columbia Law School Assn., various Bar Assns., Delta Phi, Phi Delta Phi, University Club, N.Y., Tuxedo Club, Church Club, Yale Club, Adventurers, Military & Naval Club, N.Y., Army & Navy, Washington, DC, Travellers Club, Paris , New York Yacht Club, Baltusrol Golf Club, New York Athletic Club, Pilgrims Club, member, Church of Heavenly Rest, Episcopal.

He married three times, first, on November 16, 1909, in New York, N Y, to Eleanor L. Whitridge, daughter of Frederick W. Whitridge, and had two sons, Richard Dawson Arnold (Balliol College, Oxford, '35), and John Whitridge. He married second, on August 28, 1920, in Little Boar's Head, N. H., to Edmee Busch Reisinger, daughter of Mr. & Mrs Adolphus Busch, and had one son, Stepson Curt H Reisinger. He married a third time on November 28, 1935, in New York, N.Y , to Enid Scarritt, daughter of Rev Dr. William Russell Scarritt, and Elizabeth Mariner.

He died on May 11, 1952, in Bronx, N.Y

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