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Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520
Greenridge Cemetery, 17 Green Ridge Pl, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Cary Abbott (April 19, 1890 – October 5, 1948) was the longtime partner of Monty Woolley.

He was born on April 19, 1890, in Cheyenne, WY, the son of George Edmund Abbott, president First National Bank of Cheyenne (son of George Abbott and Charlotte Louisa Taylor) and Iowa May Carey (daughter of Isaac E Carey, BA at Yale in 1849 and Eliza Ann Wright). He attended St Paul's School, Concord, NH. He then obtained a BA at Yale in 1911. He was the editor of the Yale Banner and Pot Pourn and managing editor of the Yale Literary Magazine. He was a member of the Yale Corinthian Yacht Club, Alpha Delta Phi, Chi Delta Theta.

Yale University, New Haven, CT

He became a teller and assistant cashier First National Bank of Cheyenne in 1911-16 and 1917-22, with Bank of Lovell (WY) in 1916, cashier at Cowley (WY) State Bank in 1916-17 and at County National Bank and Trust Company, Santa Barbara, CA, in 1925-27.

He became the secretary of classmate Thomas Beer in 1927-29 and then became an agent in midwest of Alfred A Knopf, Inc., publishers, in 1929-30 and was on the editorial staff in New York City in 1930-36. He worked in the educational department of the Oxford University Press, New York City, in 1930.

He became secretary, and then companion, of classmate Edgar M Woolley, aka Monty Woolley, in 1942 and remained together until Abbott's death in 1948.

During World War I he was army field clerk at the Headquarters of the Services of Supply overseas frrom March 1918 until discharge in August 1919.

Abbott was the author of Cheyenne' The Wild West Sells Its Atmosphere. He was also a member of the Masonic order and St. Mark's Church (Episcopal), in Cheyenne. He never married.

He died October 5, 1948, Saratoga Springs, NY, where he lived with Woolley, due to carcinoma. He is buried in Greenridge Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, in Woolley's family plot.

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