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Biggekerke Communal Cemetery Biggekerke, Veere Municipality, Zeeland, Netherlands

Antoinette Hendrika "A.H." Nijhoff-Wind (June 9, 1897 - May 22, 1971), was a Dutch writer, the wife of poet Martinus Nijhoff and the mother of Dutch photographer Faan Nijhoff aka Stephen Storm (28 August 1916 - 10 December 1986).

A. H. Nijhoff-Wind was born Antoinetta "Netty" Hendrika Wind in The Hague. In 1916 she married poet Martinus Nijhoff but they only lived together for a couple of years.[1] Their son Faan Nijhoff was born in 1916 in Breda, real name Wouter Stefan Nijhoff. Later he was to study photography in Paris under Man Ray and worked using the name Stephen Storm.[2]

In 1920 Nijhoff-Wind moved to Italy to manage a boarding house at Settignano with her lover Maria Tesi; from this experience she wrote The Four Deaths.[2]

In 1929 Nijhoff-Wind moved to Paris and there she met the British visual artist Marlow Moss, who would become her lover.[3]

After the liberation Nijhoff-Wind reunited with Marlow Moss and they lived alternately in The Hague with her husband Martinus Nijhoff and in Cornwall, where Moss had a studio.[3]

After the death of Martinus Nijhoff in 1953 Nijhoff-Wind settled in the hamlet of Little Valkenisse at Biggekerke, which she inherited from her husband. The house continued to be a meeting place for artists. [2]

She died on March 21, 1971 and is buried in the cemetery of Biggekerke. On the tomb is an image created by Marlow Moss.[3]

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