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The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered edited by Tom Cardamone

Rabih Alameddine - The Perv: Stories (Michael Graves)

Allen Barnett - The Body and Its Dangers (Christopher Bram)

Neil Bartlett - Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall (Philip Clark)

George Baxt - A Queer Kind of Death (Larry Duplechan)

Bruce Benderson -  User (Rob Stephenson)

Christopher Coe -  Such Times (Jameson Currier)

Daniel Curzon -  Something You Do in the Dark (Jesse Monteagudo)

Melvin Dixon - Vanishing Rooms (Ian Rafael Titus)

John Donovan - Iíll Get There. It Better Be Worth the Trip (Martin Wilson)

Robert Ferro - The Blue Star (Stephen Greco)

John Gilgun - Music I Never Dreamed Of (Wayne Courtois)

Agustin Gomez-Arcos - The Carnivorous Lamb (Richard Reitsma)

Michael Grumley - Life Drawing (Sam Miller)

Lynn Hall - Sticks and Stones (Sean Meriwether)

Richard Hall - Couplings (Jonathan Harper)

J.S. Marcus - The Captainís Fire (Aaron Hamburger)

James McCourt - Time Remaining (Tim Young)

Mark Merlis - American Studies (Rick Whitaker)

Charles Nelson - The Boy Who Picked the Bullets Up (Jim Marks)

Kyle Onstott & Lance Horner - Child of the Sun (Michael Bronski)

Roger Peyrefitte - The Exile of Capri (Gregory Woods)

Paul Reed - Longing (Bill Brent)

Paul T. Rogers - Saul's Book (Paul Russell)

Patrick Roscoe - Birthmarks (Andy Quan)

Douglas Sadownick - Sacred Lips of the Bronx (Tom Cardamone)

Glenway Wescott - The Apple of the Eye (Jerry Rosco)

George Whitmore - Nebraska (Victor Bumbalo)

Donald Windham - Two People (Philip Gambon)