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List issued in June 1999 by Publishing Triangle, a group consisting of more than 250 gay and lesbian writers, editors, agents, and publishers. (

''Death in Venice,'' Thomas Mann

''Giovanni's Room,'' James Baldwin

''Our Lady of the Flowers,'' Jean Genet

''Remembrance of Things Past,'' Marcel Proust

''The Immoralist,'' Andre Gide

''Orlando,'' Virginia Woolf

''The Well of Loneliness,'' Radclyffe Hall

''Kiss of the Spider Woman,'' Manuel Puig

''The Memoirs of Hadrian,'' Marguerite Yourcenar

''Zami,'' Audre Lorde

''The Picture of Dorian Gray,'' Oscar Wilde

''Nightwood,'' Djuna Barnes

''Billy Budd,'' Herman Melville

''A Boy's Own Story,'' Edmund White

''Dancer From the Dance,'' Andrew Holleran

''Maurice,'' E.M. Forster

''The City and the Pillar,'' Gore Vidal

''Rubyfruit Jungle,'' Rita Mae Brown

''Brideshead Revisited,'' Evelyn Waugh

''Confessions of a Mask,'' Yukio Mishima

''The Member of the Wedding,'' Carson McCullers

''City of Night,'' John Rechy

''Myra Breckinridge,'' Gore Vidal

''Patience and Sarah,'' Isabel Miller.

''The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas,'' Gertrude Stein.

''Other Voices, Other Rooms,'' Truman Capote.

''The Bostonians,'' Henry James.

''Two Serious Ladies,'' Jane Bowles.

''Bastard Out of Carolina,'' Dorothy Allison.

''The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter,'' Carson McCullers.

''Mrs. Dalloway,'' Virginia Woolf.

''The Persian Boy,'' Mary Renault.

''A Single Man,'' Christopher Isherwood.

''The Swimming Pool Library,'' Alan Hollinghurst.

''Olivia,'' Dorothy Bussy.

''The Price of Salt,'' Patricia Highsmith (writing as Claire Morgan).

''Aquamarine,'' Carol Anshaw.

''Another Country,'' James Baldwin.

''Cheri,'' Colette.

''The Turn of the Screw,'' Henry James.

''The Color Purple,'' Alice Walker.

''Women in Love,'' D.H. Lawrence.

''Little Women,'' Louisa May Alcott.

''The Friendly Young Ladies,'' Mary Renault.

''Young Torless,'' Robert Musil.

''Eustace Chisholm and the Works,'' James Purdy.

''The Story of Harold,'' Terry Andrews.

''The Gallery,'' John Horne Burns.

''Sister Gin,'' June Arnold.

''Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall,'' Neil Bartlett.

''Father of Frankenstein,'' Christopher Bram.

''Naked Lunch,'' William Burroughs.

''The Berlin Stories,'' Christopher Isherwood.

''The Young and Evil,'' Charles Henri Ford and Parker Tyler.

''Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit,'' Jeanette Winterson.

''A Visitation of Spirits,'' Randall Kenan.

''Three Lives,'' Gertrude Stein.

''Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli,'' Ronald Firbank.

''Rat Bohemia,'' Sarah Schulman.

''Pale Fire,'' Vladimir Nabokov.

''The Counterfeiters,'' Andre Gide.

''The Passion,'' Jeanette Winterson.

''Lover,'' Bertha Harris.

''Moby Dick,'' Herman Melville.

''La Batarde,'' Violette Leduc.

''Death Comes for the Archbishop,'' Willa Cather.

''To Kill a Mockingbird,'' Harper Lee.

''The Satyricon,'' Petronius.

''The Alexandria Quartet,'' Lawrence Durrell.

''Special Friendships,'' Roger Peyrefitte.

''The Changelings,'' Jo Sinclair.

''Paradiso,'' Jose Lezama Lima.

''Sheeper,'' Irving Rosenthal.

''Les Guerilleres,'' Monique Wittig.

''The Child Manuela (Madchen in Uniform),'' Christa Winsloe.

''An Arrow's Flight,'' Mark Merlis.

''The Gaudy Image,'' William Talsman.

''The Exquisite Corpse,'' Alfred Chester.

''Was,'' Geoff Ryman.

''Therese and Isabelle,'' Violette Leduc.

''Gemini,'' Michael Tournier.

''The Beautiful Room is Empty,'' Edmund White.

''The Children's Crusade,'' Rebecca Brown.

''The Story of the Night,'' Colm Toibin.

''Les Enfants Terribles,'' Jean Cocteau.

''Hell Has No Limits,'' Jose Donoso.

''Riverfinger Women,'' Elana Nachman.

''The Man Who Fell in Love With the Moon,'' Tom Spanbauer.

''Closer,'' Dennis Cooper.

''Lost Illusions,'' Honore de Balzac.

''Miss Peabody's Inheritance,'' Elizabeth Jolley.

''Rene's Flesh,'' Virgilio Pinera.

''Funny Boy,'' Shyam Selvadurai.

''Wasteland,'' Jo Sinclair.

''Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing,'' May Sarton.

''Sea of Tranquillity,'' Paul Russell.

''Autobiography of a Family Photo,'' Jacqueline Woodson.

''In Thrall,'' Jane DeLynn.

''On Strike Against God,'' Joanna Russ.

''Sita,'' Kate Millett.