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Pekin, KY 41425

William "Bill" C. Caskey (March 12, 1921 - 1981) was an American photographer.

He was born in Morgan, KY, and raised in Lexington, KY. In the 1940s he lived in Pekin, KY.

Caskey was Christopher Isherwood's boyfriend from 1945, when they met, until 1951. Isherwood and Caskey met in June 1945 and by August had begun a serious affair. They split for good in 1951 after intermittent separations. Jay de Laval was a friend of Bill Caskey before Isherwood met Caskey

In 1947, the two traveled to South America. Isherwood wrote the prose and Caskey took the photographs for a 1949 book about their journey entitled The Condor and the Cows

Later Caskey lived in Athens and travelled frequently to Egypt. As well as taking photographs, he made art objects out of junk and for a time had a business beading sweaters.

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