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Warner George Toub (October 31, 1922 – January 28, 1993) was an CBS producer and Hollywood talent agent. He was the producer of Mr Adam and Eve. He was the headman of the Ida Lupino-Howard, Duff series, and was the one who wanted Jackie Gleason as the star of the Western series with comedy overtones, Medicine Man. Toub was a good friend of Elton John. In 1977 he was the executive producer of Sextette with Mae West, where he had starred his adoptive son, Rick Leonard.

He was born in Los Angeles, CA, the son of Isadore "Buddy" Toub, a California real estate man and sub-divider, and his wife Erdeane. Toub's father was president of the Madera Land Sales Company and was a principal partner, along with actors Jackie Gleason and Jack Haley, in the Madera Ranchos, Inc., firm.

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He attended the Beverly Hills High School, where he was a member of the tennis team. During WWII, he was on a mission for the Atomic Energy Commission in the South Pacific. As photo director of the atom bomb tests off Eniwetok, Toub was separated from his companions and marooned on a tiny atom-bombed island in the Pacific, where he felt as if he were the last man on earth. All around him there were signs of death. Because of the radioactivity, he couldn't sit or stand too long in one place . . . there was nothing t o eat and it was dangerous to drink water.

Toub started prospecting in the commercials gold mine right after bowing out of the Ida Lupino-Warren Duff television show when it folded. He travelled to Europe twice a year for Max Factor and Kaiser Industries. Between them they used up a lot of expensive television time. In 1966 he engaged Salvador Dali to do some Max Factor commercials in Hollywood. In 1975 fifty items valued at $51,775 were reported stolen from his home in the Los Feliz area. Toub said a rear door was forced open and jewelry and paintings were taken from the house at 2405 Glendower Road. Toub said the stolen art included a painting by Salvador Dali valued at $10,000 and a pencil drawing by Jean Renoir worth $2,500.

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