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Virginia Sinclair Mdivani (January 31, 1915 – July 1, 1979) was an oil heiress.

Virginia Sinclair was the daughter of Harry Ford Sinclair, I and Elizabeth Farrell. In 1944 she married David Mdivani, and they had a son Michael.

In October 1959, Virginia Sinclair-Mdivani filed for divorce for "cruelty." David Mdivani countered with an attack on Virginia's lesbian friend Virginia Kent Catherwood. It was known that Catherwood was a friend of Patricia Highsmith and that he had served as a model for the character of Carol in the 1952 novel Salt and its Prize. [16] David Mdivani sued her for a million dollars in damages on the grounds that she had influenced his wife against him in a vicious and deviant way, thereby destroying a marriage that had existed happily for 14 years. The lawsuit was eventually withdrawn after Virginia Sinclair agreed to return to her husband. [17] In 1963, Virginia Sinclair demanded a divorce for the second time, and a year later the verdict became final. After Virginia's death in 1979, David Mdivani returned to the family estate, where he lived with his son Michael. [18]

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