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Stanislao Lèpri (June 12, 1905 - 1980) was an Italian surrealist painter and former Italian consul to the Principality of Monaco.

Stanislao Lèpri was the Italian consul for the Principality of Monaco.[1] In 1941 he met Leonor Fini. In 1943 Lèpri is called back to Rome and Fini went with him until the end of the World War II. In 1946 they are back in Paris and Lèpri abandoned his diplomatic career to become a painter.[2] When Fini met the Polish writer Konstanty Jeleński, known as Kot, in Rome in 1952, Jeleński joined Fini and Lepri in their Paris apartment and the three remained inseparable until their deaths.[3][4]

Lèpri was also a theatre scenographer and illustrator, among other he did the scenes for Voyage aux états de la Lune by Cyrano de Bergerac[5] and in 1950 the costumes for L'Armida in Florence for the Maggio Fiorentino.[6]

Leonor Fini | Portrait of Stanislao Lepri, 1942
Stanislao Lèpri  by Leonor Fini

Autoportrait avec Stanislao Lepri by Leonor Fini
Autoportrait avec Stanislao Lepri, 1942 - 1943 Leonor Fini

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