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Björn Sighsten Herrgård (8 January 1943 in Helsinki – 20 November 1989 in Stockholm) was a Finnish-born Swedish fashion designer and major trendsetter in Stockholm. In 1987, Herrgård was the first Swedish celebrity with AIDS to disclose their status in public[1].

Sighsten Herrgård received his fashion education at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm and at the pattern development academies in Stockholm and Copenhagen. His career took off in 1966 when he won the Courtauld International Design Competition with a collection of unisex clothing. In the 1970s Herrgård established internationally in Paris and North America; he also started a company in Stockholm and worked with television, magazines and shows.

On 29 July 1987 Herrgård held a press conference, stating that "I'm going to die. I have AIDS. I may only have months left, but I want to die with dignity". His partner Roar Klingenberg (November 22, 1941 - September 21, 1984), the first AIDS patient diagnosed in Sweden, had already died 3 years before.[2]

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