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Roar Brynjulfsson Klingenberg (born November 22, 1941 in Norway, died September 21, 1984 in the Katarina Parish of Stockholm [ 1 ] [ 2 ]) was a Norwegian waiter at, among others, Café Opera in Stockholm and was the first person in Sweden to be diagnosed with AIDS.

During a time of the 1970s, Klingenberg was a boyfriend of the Swedish fashion designer Sighsten Herrgård. Klingenberg had worked as a waiter at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and at Waldorf Astoria in New York before joining the newly opened Café Opera in Stockholm. [ 1 ]

In October 1982, Klingenberg visited the outpatient clinic at Roslagstull Hospital [ 3 ] in Stockholm with symptoms like coughing, fatigue, depression and fever. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] For the doctors, Klingenberg explained his symptoms that he smoked, had bad eating habits and worked too much. [ 3 ] But the doctors who received Klingenberg, PehrOlov Pehrson and Linda Morfeldt, wrote in the first journal that it probably was about the new and unknown disease aids. It was decided that Klingenberg would be admitted to the hospital for further investigation. [ 3 ] Many people who had a AIDS disorder denied the disease at this time, which meant that people who came in for care had long-term infection. Similarly, the healthcare of the day also denied and delayed the diagnosis. [ 3 ]

Blood samples were taken at Klingenberg and showed that he was HIV positive. He probably had been infected abroad. [ 3 ] During the disease he was treated for multiple pneumonia, [ 3 ] before he died at Roslagstull Hospital on 21 September 1984. Klingenberg was the second person in Sweden who died in AIDS. Already in 1983, a 47-year-old man had died in AIDS. [ 1 ] Klingenberg was buried in Oslo , Norway. [ 6 ]

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