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Image result for Rudolf KoivuRudolf Sefanias Koivu , born December 24, 1890 in St. Petersburg, died October 11, 1946 in Helsinki, was a Finnish painter and illustrator.

Koivu was educated at the Finnish School of Fine Arts, 1907-1910, and exhibited the first time in 1910. He belonged to the November group and appeared in 1910-1924 as a restrained impressionist landscape painter. He was the first in Finland to devote himself to the illustrations of sago and children's books (by Zacharias Topelius, the brothers Grimm, HC Andersen, Anni Swan, etc.).

Koivu first worked in black and white, but later turned to brighter colors and a more decorative style. To the highlights of his production were the illustrations of Tusen and one night (1945) and other Austrian sago motifs. A collaboration with Raul Roine resulted in several collective books published in various publishers. In 1975, a selection of Roines and Koivus fairy tales (he also wrote fairy tales himself) appeared in the volume Suomalaisia ​​satuja, featured with illustrations by Koivu.

An exhibition of Koivu was held in Helsinki in 1990 by the Amer Foundation, which owns a few thousand original works by Koivu. A prize bearing his name, established in 1949, has been distributed since 1997 by the association Grafia .

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