Queer Places:
Workmen's Circle / Arbeiter Ring, 3089 Bathurst St #309, North York, ON M6A 2A4, Canada

Rebecca “Beckie” Ross Langbord (1886 – October 1, 1969) was a Jewish anarchist supporter of Emma Goldman in Toronto. She was the mother of Eva Langbord.

Rebecca Ross was born in 1886, the daughter of Benjamin Yehuda Ross and Ida Crook.

She married Morris Moshe Aaron Langbord and their children were Eva Langbord; Nathan Langbord; Benjamin Langbord; Lewis Langbord; Eleanor Langbord and Karl Langbord.

Morris and Beckie Langbord, were founding members of the Toronto Workmen’s Circle (TWC), a humanistic Jewish fraternal order, and their son, Karl Langbord, managed the organization for decades. Merle Levine, Karl's daughter, was president of TWC for many years.

She died on Octore 1, 1969, at New Mount Sinai Hospital.

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