Back row (left to right): Vincent Weyand, Peter GoldschmidtPeter Rudolf Goldschmidt (November 4, 1923 - October 13, 1987) was an architect, watercolourist, etcher, pen draughtsman, painter. He was the son of Dr. Fritz Goldschmidt and Helene Goldschmidt. Manuel and Peter Goldschmidt were 'half-Jews' according to Nazi laws and student from Eerde. They belonged to the Wolfgang Frommel circle. Their non-Jewish mother arranged safe papers. Their non-Jewish appearance made it possible for them to leave Ommen without going into hiding. Manuel lived in a boarding house on the Amsterdam Singel and was a regular visitor to Herengracht 401. So was his brother Peter. Other friends and frequent visitors included Reinout van Rossum du Chattel and, from Bergen, Chris Dekker and Vincent Weyand. When the author Percy Gothein, the former apple of the eye of Stefan George, who served Wolfgang Frommel as master and lover, visited them in November 1943, a special picture of the men from the Frommel circle was taken in the kitchen of Miep and Guido Theunissen. The picture actually shows a sect-leader, Wolfgang Frommel, and his master Gothein, surrounded by disciples. In 1944 Gothein returned for a longer period of time. Because of the culture of silence created by Frommel, Reinout could only write in 1996 that Percy Gothein 'suddenly found himself in a boy's brothel'.

Peter Goldschmidt died in San Casciano in Val di Pesa.


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