Queer Places:
Lakebay Cemetery Lakebay, Pierce County, Washington, USA

Oliver Tiedeman (April 11, 1919 - March 23, 1986) was an artist and worked professionally together with Delbert J. McBride from their studio in Nisqually named "Klee Wyck." He specialized in Northwest Indian art and their murals can be seen in many places. One is the bas-relief work on the outside of the Bremerton Naval Hospital in Bremerton, WA.

Del McBride changed the world of local craft by incorporating elements of his Native American heritage into a range of contemporary designs for artistic and utilitarian purposes. In 1950 he formed Klee Wyk Studio with his cousin Oliver Tiedemann, a talented designer and painter. They were soon joined by Del's brother, Albert "Bud" McBride, and Bud's life partner, Richard Schneider. The studio was located in the Nisqually flats, north of Olympia. For over ten years, Klee Wyk Studio produced architectural and decorative tile murals, fabrics, hand-printed cards, and utilitarian objects that were among the finest regional midcentury designs utilizing Northwest Coast Native American motifs. The name Klee Wyk was a homage based on Canadian artist Emily Carr's memoir Klee Wyck of 1941.

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