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Harlan Greene is the project archivist at Charleston’s Avery Institute and the author of The German Officer’s Boy. In 1989, Greene lived in Chapel Hill, N.C., where his companion at the time, Olin Jolley (1963 - August 3, 1996), was starting his residency in psychiatry at the University of North Carolina. In October of that year, Jolley was diagnosed with AIDS. “I started working on The German Officer’s Boy right when Olin was diagnosed with AIDS. Ironically, it was on Yom Kippur of 1989 that he basically went into the hospital and almost died. I think that’s one thing that launched me onto this novel — and I’m certainly not comparing my experiences with Olin being sick with Holocaust experiences — but what struck me in those first few months when Olin got sick and we weren’t telling his parents was that I was leading something of a double life, pretending everything was fine but there was this devastating experience that I was going through.” Greene now lives in Charleston with his partner, Jonathan Ray, head of the Charleston Concierge Association. The dedica of The German Officer's Boy reads: “For Jonathan Ray, You raise me up.”

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