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Harlan Greene (born June 19, 1953) is an American writer and historian. He has published both fiction and non-fiction works.

Born in 1953 in Charleston, South Carolina,[1][2] Greene's parents were Holocaust survivors who moved to Charleston after World War II.[3]

Greene is an author and historian.[3][4] He has published both fiction and non-fiction works.[4] He won the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Fiction for his 1991 novel What the Dead Remember,[2] and was nominated for the same award for his 2005 novel The German Officer's Boy.[5]

In addition to his writing, Greene has worked as an archivist for the College of Charleston,[6] including collecting materials relating to Jewish history in the Charleston region.[3]

Openly gay, Greene spent several years living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in early adulthood, with his then-partner Olin Jolley.[7][3] Greene and Jolley are featured in the anthology Two Hearts Desire: Gay Couples on their Love, originally published in 1997, and republished in digital format in 2017.[8] Greene now lives in Charleston with his partner Jonathan Ray.[3]

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