Queer Places:
Ravensthorpe, 6 Downside Rd, Bristol BS8 2XE, UK
6 Northcote Rd, Bristol BS8 3HB, UK
St Mary the Virgin, 2 Church Ln, Portbury, Bristol BS20 7TR, UK

While in Clifton in 1868, John Addington Symonds met and fell in love with Norman Moor (January 10, 1851 – March 6, 1895), a youth about to go up to Oxford, who became his pupil.[5] Symonds and Moor had a four-year affair but did not have sex.[6] According to Symonds' diary of 28 January 1870, "I stripped him naked and fed sight, touch and mouth on these things."[7] The relationship occupied a good part of his time. (On one occasion he left his family and travelled to Italy and Switzerland with Moor.[8]) It also inspired his most productive period of writing poetry, published in 1880 as New and Old: A Volume of Verse.[9]

In December 1878, Edward Norman Peter, married Emily S. Powell, a vicar’s daughter two years his senior. The pair lived initially at Cecil Road, but made their married home in Northcote Road, close to Clifton College where Moor taught as assistant Master. Symonds spent that winter at Davos, but received visits that month from two other former Clifton students: Horatio F. Brown and Hugh Pearson. In a later letter to Henry Graham Dakyns he noted “I fancy you think of Mrs E. N. P. Moor? I don’t care for her photograph.”[23]

Northcote Road, Bristol

Clifton College, UK

Downside Road, Bristol


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