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Image result for Michelle CliffMichelle Carla Cliff (2 November 1946 – 12 June 2016) was a Jamaican-American author whose notable works included Abeng, No Telephone to Heaven, and Free Enterprise.

Cliff also wrote short stories, prose poems and works of literary criticism. Her works explore the various, complex identity problems that stem from post-colonialism, as well as the difficulty of establishing an authentic, individual identity despite race and gender constructs. A historical revisionist, many of Cliff's works sought to advance an alternative view of history against the established mainstream narrative. Cliff was a lesbian who was born in British Jamaica.

Cliff was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1946 and moved with her family to New York City three years later.[1] She moved back to Jamaica in 1956 and attended St. Andrew High School for Girls, where she kept a diary and began her writings before returning to New York City in 1960.[2] She was educated at Wagner College and the Warburg Institute at the University of London. She has held academic positions at several colleges including Trinity College and Emory University.

Cliff was a contributor to the 1983 Black feminist anthology Home Girls.

From 1999 on, Cliff was living in Santa Cruz, California,[3] with her partner, poet Adrienne Rich. The two were partners from 1976; Rich died in 2012.[4]

Cliff died of liver failure on 12 June 2016.[5][6]

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