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Queer Places:
Noordenbergstraat 19, 7411 NJ Deventer, Netherlands
Amstel 133, 1018 ET Amsterdam, Netherlands

Maurits Theodoor van Spiegel (Deventer, March 9, 1904 – Amsterdam, March 11, 1981) had a dance school on the Nieuwe Markt in Deventer from 1929. He also lived there, together with his mother, after the death of his father, who had a butcher's shop right next door.

He was born in Deventer, the son of Abraham van Spiegel and Rosetta van Engel. Mau van Spiegel was a special appearance in Deventer. Everyone knew him because of his remarkably elegant and almost dancing way of walking. There were boys who didn't want to go to dance class with him because he always danced with boys, not girls, it was said.

Mau was involved in all kinds of revue performances in Deventer and in the cultural life of Amsterdam after the war. He made costumes, sets and did directing dance for the DJT (Deventer Joodsche Toneelvereeniging). After the war, he regularly led all kinds of revue performances of associations in Deventer, but especially in Amsterdam, where he also lived.

The dance school was dissolved in 1941.

Mau was able to go into hiding during the war with his life partner Gè Winter in Amsterdam. After the war he regularly performed with him during cabaret evenings at the COC under the name de Freules from Pothoven to Ruigenhoek.

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