Queer Places:
Columbia University (Ivy League), 116th St and Broadway, New York, NY 10027
Mount Holyoke College (Seven Sisters), 50 College St, South Hadley, MA 01075
13 Eversley Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851
Island Cemetery Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island, USA

Marjorie Saunders Harrington (January 7, 1892 - March 7, 1977) was a supervisor of art in Stamford, CT, from 1917-1919, and from 1920-1934, a teacher in Norwalk, CT.

Marjorie Saunders Harrington was the daughter of Walter Kendrick Harrington (1862-1928) and Elizabeth Rogers Saunders (1863-1928). She attended Mount Holyoke College, graduating in 1913. She obtained a BS 1917 at Teachers College Columbia University.

In the late 1930s she lived at 13 Eversley Ave, Norwalk, CT, that she had inherited; it was a commodious and comfortable house with a large garden in the backyard. With her was living Winefred Andrews Saunders (1883-1971), daughter of George Aretas Saunders (1859-1917) (brother of Elizabeth Rogers Saunders) and Isabel T. Andrews (1858-1946), sister of Aretas Andrews Saunders (1884-1970) and Dorothea Saunders Powell (1886-1978). She studied at Mount Holyoke College and taught English, Latin, and mathematics. Winefred Saunders married Donald Bradford MacLane (1882-1924) in 1908, and had three children, Saunders Maclane, David T. Maclane and Gerald R. Maclane. Saunders Mac Lane (4 August 1909 – 14 April 2005) was an American mathematician who co-founded category theory with Samuel Eilenberg.

Elizabeth Rogers Saunders, Dorothea Saunders Powell, George Agustus Saunders, Isabel T. Andrews, Marjorie Saunders Harrington, Walter Kendrick Harrington, are all buried together at Island Cemetery.

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