Mabel Gertrude Stuart (January 17, 1879 - July 31, 1972) was an artist active in California. Two or three years before Inez Haynes Irwin arrived to Scituate a group of women artists became summer residents. They had been studying and painting in France and when they sought summer homes they decided to settle in Scituate. First they hired cottages, later they bought. This group included two sisters, Josephine Lewis and Matilda Lewis, Theodora Thayer, Mabel Stuart and Alice Beckington. Josephine Lewis, the most successful of them all, became a portrait painter. In many of the Scituate homes today hang portraits of little boys and girls painted by her. Her work was influenced by Renoir. Thayer and Alice Beckington specialized in miniatures.

She was born in San Francisco, California, on January 17, 1879 to Clark Addison Stuart (1851-1892) and Gertrude Caswell (1856-1942). She married George Haroldsanger Harding (1873-1952) and had 2 children, Stuart Osmond Harding (1914-1996) and Harold Addison Harding (1910-1979). 

She passed away on July 31, 1972, in Alameda, California, USA.

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