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Together from 1915 to 1943: 28 years.
Marguerite "John" Radclyffe-Hall (August 12, 1880 – October 7, 1943)
Una Vincenzo, Lady Troubridge, born Margot Elena Gertrude Taylor (March 8, 1887 – September 24, 1963)

thumb|Mabel Batten as a young woman

'''Mabel Veronica Hatch Batten''' (1856-1916) was a well-known amateur singer of lieder.

Early life

She was born Mabel Hatch in a well-connected family.<ref name="Hamer" />

She studied in Dresden and Bruges, harmony and composition.<ref name="androom" />


thumb|left|Mrs. George Batten Singing by [[John Singer Sargent]]

She was a leading "patroness of music and the arts, mezzo-soprano and composer" of drawning rooms songs.<ref name="Hamer" /> One of her best composition was the setting of "The Queen's Last Ride" by the poem of Ella Wheeler Wilcox. She was an accomplished singer, pianist and guitar player.<ref name="Brown" />

Personal life

thumb|Mabel Batten at the time of her relationship with Radclyffe Hall

In 1874 she married George Batten, secretary to the Viceroy of India.<ref name="Hamer">cite book|last1=Hamer|first1=Emily|title=Britannia's Glory: A History of Twentieth Century Lesbians|date=2016|publisher=Bloomsbury Publishing|page=94|url=https://books.google.it/books?id=2UrqDAAAQBAJ&pg=PA94|accessdate=28 September 2017</ref> They had one daughter, the painter and film maker Lady Cara Harris.<ref name="androom" /> Cara Harris's daughter was Honey Harris, friends with Dolly Wilde, and Honey Harris's daughter is Cara Lancaster.[1]

In the 1880s she had a relationship with Wilfred Scawen Blunt.<ref name="androom" />

She was friends with composer Adela Maddison who, in 1893, dedicated her "Deux Melodies" to her.<ref name="androom" />[2] She was also friends with composer Ethel Smyth.<ref name="Brown" />

From 1906 she was friends with Toupie Lowther and her brother Claude Lowther. In 1913 Batten and Hall visited the Lowthers at Claude's Herstmonceux Castle.<ref name="Brown">cite book|last1=Brown|first1=Val|title=Toupie Lowther: Her life|date=2017|publisher=Troubador Publishing Ltd|page=57|url=https://books.google.it/books?id=4qk1DwAAQBAJ&pg=PA57|accessdate=28 September 2017</ref>

On August 22, 1907, at Bad Homburg, a spa in Germany, Mabel Batten met Radclyffe Hall. Batten was 51 years old and Hall was 27. When Batten was a widow, she went to live with Hall in Cadogan Square.<ref name="Hamer" /> Batten, nicknamed Ladye, gave the name John to Hall, which Hall used for the rest of her life.[3]

In 1915 Hall met Batten's cousin Una Troubridge (1887–1963). When Batten died the following year, Troubridge took care of a defeated Hall and in 1917 they went to live together.[4]

Batten is buried at Highgate Cemetery in London, and Hall chose to be buried at the entrance of the crypt.<ref name="androom">cite web|title=Batten, Mabel Veronica|url=https://androom.home.xs4all.nl/biography/p011347.htm|accessdate=28 September 2017</ref>


Mabel Batten's portraits were taken by John Singer Sargent and Edward John Poynter.<ref name="androom" />



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