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14 King Edward St, Oxford OX1 4HT, UK

Luigi "Luigino" Franchetti (September 25, 1891 - January 9, 1978) was a writer and pianist. He was an intimate friend of Felix Yusupov and lived with him in Oxford.

Franchetti was born in Munich in an aristocratic and cosmopolitan family: his mother, Marion von Hornstein, was German, he himself married twice, with an Italian noblewoman, Yvonne Vicino Pallavicino, and then - in the United States - with a lady of Polish origin, Eva Dorothea Pietrkowski. All family members had a strong interest in musical and artistic activities. Already his father Giorgio Gioacchino Franchetti (1865-1922) had devoted himself to musical studies and following the collecting of works of art, collected in the Venetian family palace, the Ca' d'oro. Giorgio's brother, Alberto (1860-1942), was a famous composer in Italy at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, he studied in Venice, Dresden and Monaco and for a certain period held the rights to Tosca, who then ceded to Giacomo Puccini.

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