Partner Lizzy Lind af Hageby

Leisa Katherina Schartau (1876-1962) was a Swedish activist. Lizzy Lind af Hageby and Schartau were childhood friends from distinguished Swedish families and enrolled as students at the London School of Medicine in 1902 with the objective of becoming more informed about animal research and augment their anti-vivisectionist education. Lind af Hageby and Schartau met at a lecture in Stockholm, and they formed a lifelong partnership devoted to opposing aggression against women, nations and animals. Lind-af-Hageby and Schartau attended, with their notebooks, some 100 physiology lectures and 50 demonstrations on live animals in London. Their book, originally called Eye-witnesses, and then The shambles of science: Extracts from the diary of two students of physiology, caused a storm with its dramatic descriptions of the ‘theatre’ of the medical experimenter’s art – no science, they said, but a display of butchery put on for entertainment that must not fail to brutalize the students exposed to it: ‘The physiological theatre offers plays that are as exciting, thrilling, and entertaining as any others; there is quite enough of murderous attempts and of struggle for life, and the manager is anxious to bring the best performers on the stage.’ Lizzy Lind-af-Hageby and Leisa Schartau’s lifelong liaison, most of it lived in Britain, was built around the anti-vivisection, animal rights and environmental rights movements, to which they saw the issue of women’s rights as intimately linked.

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