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Columbia University (Ivy League), 116th St and Broadway, New York, NY 10027
1932 Woodring Rd, Sanibel, FL 33957

LeClair Bissell (May 18, 1928 - August 20, 2008) was a physician known for her work on addiction.

Born in Virginia, she graduated from Columbia and started her career as a librarian at New York Public but continued on to medical school. She was open about being a recovered alcoholic. An internationally known pioneer in addiction research, she was a prolific writer of scientific journal articles and textbooks on the topic, especially the field of the impaired healthcare provider. Among her accomplishments was creating the first university hospital-based alcohol rehab unit in the U.S. A philanthropist, she was active in a number of progressive and GLBT organizations and received numerous honors for her life’s work.

Dr. Bissell was known for her dedication to helping wounded animals. In the late 1960's she and her life partner, Nancy Palmer, moved to Sanibel Island and helped to found the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.) Volunteer Emergency Rescue and Transport system. Dr. Bissell was also involved with PFLAG; the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Coalition; and Planned Parenthood, and Zonta, a woman's organization.

LeClair Bissell died on August 20, 2008, at age 80, in Connecticut. She was preceeded in death by her life partner of 48 years, Nancy Palmer.

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