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Lawrence Osgood (January 24, 1929 - December 13, 2018) was a novelist, playwright, essayist, director, great story-teller, Arctic traveler who lived and worked with the Canadian Inuit. He held a bachelor’s degree cum laude in English Literature from Harvard and a master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan.

Born in Buffalo NY to Ellen and Dr. Howard Osgood, Larry attended Nichols School and Harvard University. Osgood dropped out for a year for psychoanalysis in Philadelphia and then continued to see a therapist to deal with his homosexuality. In his senior year at Harvard Frank O'Hara was finally able to come out. He had several discrete liasons with other students and began to enjoy seducing men. That year, O'Hara had a relationship with Osgood. After a night of drinking that ended with them back in O'Hara room with a bottle of Southern Comfort, O'Hara and Osgood were dancing to Marlene Dietrich records when O'Hara decided he wanted Osgood. It was Osgood's first time with a man and O'Hara kept asking him if he was okay. Osgood saw the evening as the beginning of a relationship, while O'Hara just wanted a one night stand.

Lawrence Osgood has had short stories, essays, and a major novel published in the US and Canada, been a member of the playwrights’ committee at the Actors Studio in New York, has had plays published and produced in New York and regionally in the US, directed at theaters on both coasts, and has taught acting and playwriting at the University of Connecticut. He lived, traveled, and worked in the Canadian Arctic for ten years, directing an Inuktitut revitalization language project for an Inuit organization, developing and producing Inuit children’s television programming, and kayaking several Arctic rivers, some of them in first descents.

Lawrence Osgood died at age 89 on December 13, 2018 in Rhinebeck NY.

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