Queer Places:
76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

Karl Friedrich Plock (August 29, 1861 - March 24, 1924), Painter, restorer.

Karl Plock, about whom only very little information exists, was the son of the Sinsheim-born cashier Karl Ludwig Plock. From 1880-1888 he studied at the Grand Ducal Baden Academy of Fine Arts with Gustav Schönleber and Hermann Baisch . Study trips then took him to the Netherlands and Italy. In Italy, where Plock lived until after the outbreak of WWI, he worked as a restorer. In 1915 Plock returned to Karlsruhe. Plock was a cousin of the Karlsruhe painter Ludwig Wilhelm Plock (1871-1940), whose father, the supervisor Ludwig Plock, also came from Sinsheim.

In 1890 Emile Mario Vacano (1840-1892) moved to Karlsruhe, and lived in the house of his friend Karl Friedrich Plock, maintaining, among other things, contact with Heinrich Vierordt and worked as a journalist. He died here in 1892.

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