Queer Places:
Hodonínská 4, 141 00 Praha 4, Czechia

Karel Fein (March 9, 1894, Brno, Brno-City District, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic - May 2, 1942, Chełmno, Chełmno County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland) was a Brno divorce lawyer and important activist of the Czechoslovak interwar gay scene. He welcomed Magnus Hirschfeld to Brno in 1932.

He was the son of Albert Abraham Fein and Helene Fein.

In 1936 Karl Giese, Hirschfeld's longtime partner, moved to Brno and lived with Fein for several months before moving into his own flat.[7] In March 1938 Karl Giese committed suicide in Brno. All of Giese's possessions, including his inheritance from Hirschfeld, were lost when Fein was deported.

He lived in Prague (Hodonínská 4) and was deported to Łódź on October 21, 1941, where he died on May 2, 1942. Of the 1003 prisoners deported to Łódź only 81 survived.

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