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Queer Places:
Friedhof Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße Rüdersdorf, Landkreis Märkisch-Oderländ, Brandenburg, Germany

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9e/Johanna_Elberskirchen_um_1905.jpgJohanna Elberskirchen (11 April 1864 in Bonn – 17 May 1943 in Rüdersdorf) was a feminist writer and activist for the rights of women, gays and lesbians as well as blue-collar workers. She published books on women's sexuality and health among other topics.[1] Her last known public appearance was in 1930 in Vienna, where she gave a talk at a conference organised by the World League for Sexual Reform. Elberskirchen published a pamphlet on ‘The Love of the Third Sex’ under the slogan, ‘No Degeneration. No Guilt’ (1904).

She was open about her own homosexuality which made her a somewhat exceptional figure in the feminist movement of her time. Her career as an activist was ended in 1933, when the Nazi Party rose to power. There is no public record of a funeral but witnesses report that Elberskirchen's urn was secretly put into Hildegard Moniac's grave, who had been her life partner.[2]

Based on the assumption that women's libido only exists in order to secure the creation of offspring and is therefore fundamentally different from men's libido, Elberskirchen argued that: "If it was the yearning for a child, there would be no abortion, no infanticide, no suicide. In that case the awful punitive articles wouldn't exist. And first and foremost the outrageous, immoral contempt of an unmarried mother and her child wouldn't exist - there would be no 'fallen' women, no 'bastards'.[3]

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