Queer Places:
Baynards Manor, Cranleigh GU6 8EE, UK

John Henry Erland  (August 31, 1913 - April 28, 2009) also known as "Johnnie", "Jannie", "Jan", "Big John" was born on August 31, 1913, in London, to John Henry Sykes and Millicent Eleanor Sykes.

In 1927, Glyn Philpot bought Baynards Manor, a large brick mock-Tudor house, which had been divided into 3 cottages and which he restored to its original state. Because of the financial difficulties that followed his change of style, he was obliged to sell it in 1935.

He adopted the name Jan Erland, in 1929 from Johannes Ludvig Erland with whom he worked at Odjfell. In 1933 he spent most of the year at Baynards and it's here that Glyn Philpot painted 8 portraits of him. In September and October 1933 when Glyn departed for a tour of Tunisia, John remained at Baynards with Daisy, Glyn's sister to use Glyn's studios, the converted stable block in the grounds.

He died of heart failure and renal failure on April 28, 2009.

Man with a Gun | Art UK
Man with a Gun (Jan Erland (1913-2009)), by Glyn Warren Philpot, 1933

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