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Queer Places:
Congressional Cemetery, 1801 E St SE, Washington, DC 20003, Stati Uniti

Larry Martin Worrell (June 23, 1954 - December 17, 1989) and James Richard Duell (February 11, 1947 – July 15, 1992) are buried together in the gay corner of the Congressional Cemetery, in Washington, D.C. Their tombstone reads "Two most excellent adventures".[1]

James Duell was born in Washington, D.C., on February 11, 1947, the son of Richard and Frances Duell of Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Larry Worrell was born on June 23, 1954, the son of Jean C. Worrell of Courtland, Virginia and David H. Worrell, Jr., of Richmond, Virginia.[2]

Duell grew up in Mississippi and in 1965 graduated from Benoll High School. He then attended Mississippi State University and graduated in 1969. He did post-graduate work for two years at Mississippi State University and then moved back to Washington, D.C.

In 1971 James Duell started working for the Immigration and Naturalization Service where he held executive-level positions until his death in 1992.

Larry Worrell died in Washington, D.C., on December 17, 1989. James Duell died 3 years later, on July 15, 1992.[3] Like many other gay couples and gay activists, they chose to be buried in what is now called the "gay corner" of the Congressional Cemetery; some said the place was picked since the cemetery is the burial place of Peter Doyle, Walt Whitman's companion; some other said the place was picked by Leonard Matlovich for his burial since it was near the tombstones of J. Edgar Hoover and his friend Clyde Tolson.[4]

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