Partner Anna Elisabet Weirauch, buried together

Queer Places:
Käthe Dorsch GmbH, Tharauer Allee 15, 14055 Berlin, Germany
Berlin Reinickendorf, St. Hedwig Friedhof, Ollenhauerstraße 24A, 13403 Berlin, Germany

Since the mid 20s for the rest of her life Anna Elisabet Weirauch lived with Helena Geisenhainer, a Dutch woman 10 years her junior. In the 30s they both moved from Berlin Schöneberg to Gastag in Bavaria. After the second world war Elisabet Weirauch and her friend lived in Munich; in 1961 they returned to Berlin and stayed in Käte-Dorsch institution for former actresses. She kept on writing until shortly before her death on December 21, 1970. Helena Geisenhainer died on August 10, 1990. Both found their last home at a cemetery in Berlin Reinickendorf.

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