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Image result for anna weirauchAnna Elisabet Weirauch (7 August 1887, Galaţi – 21 December 1970, West Berlin) was a German author.

Anna Elisabet Weirauch lived in Romania with her German mother, who was a writer, and her father, the founder and director of the Bank of Romania until he died.[1] She moved to Thuringia with her mother, and by 1893 they moved again to Berlin.[1] In the capital, Weirauch went to a private school to learn how to act.[1] For a decade starting 1904, she worked at Berlin's German State Theatre,[1] where she was directed by Max Reinhardt.[2]

She started writing plays but later moved to novels.[1] In 1933 she moved to Gastag, Upper Bavaria,[1] where she lived with her life partner, Helena Geisenhainer.[2] After the Second World War, she moved to Munich and later returned to Berlin,[2] one year before she died.[1]

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