Helen Ware (born Helen Remer, October 15, 1877 – January 25, 1939)[1] was an American stage and film actress. She married actor Frederick Burt in 1919.

Born to John August Remer and Elinor Maria Ware, Ware adopted her mother's maiden name as her professional name. She had three siblings, Ada, Richard, and John Remer. Before becoming an actress, she worked as a governess. She had a successful Broadway stage career making her first appearance in 1899 with Maude Adams, and by her 30s, she was playing the character parts for which she became famous. She began playing character parts in silent films in 1914 and continued into the sound era. Like Louise Closser Hale, Ware was a raven-haired woman for most of her stage career, but adopted an all-blond coif toward the late 1920s at the end of the silent era and into sound movies.[2]

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Helen Ware, Josephine Victor, Henrietta Metcalf; 1923, Part of Henrietta Alice Metcalf Performing Arts Photographic Collection

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