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Queer Places:
Pembridge Mansion, 18-92 Moscow Rd, London W2, Regno Unito

Dame Edith Sitwell was a British poet and critic and the eldest of the three literary Sitwells. Sitwell's closest emotional bond was with another woman, Helen Rootham (1875 – May 8, 1938). In 1903, Rootham, an aspiring poet who translated the works of Arthur Rimbaud into English, was engaged as her governess.

In 1913, the two women left the Sitwell family home and set up lodgings in a small, shabby flat in Pembridge Mansions, Bayswater. In 1927, Sitwell allegedly fell in love with homosexual Russian painter Pavel Tchelitchew. The relationship lasted until 1928, the same year that Rootham underwent operations for cancer. They moved to Paris in 1932 with the terminally ill Rootham, to live with Rootham’s younger sister, Evelyn Wiel, and Edith remained there until her companion's death in 1938.

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