Partner Robert de Montesquiou, buried together

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Cimetière des Gonards, 19 Rue de la Porte de Buc, 78000 Versailles, Francia

Related imageGabriel Yturri ( March 12, 1860 in San Miguel de Tucumán , Argentina - July 6, 1905 in Neuilly-sur-Seine ) was the secretary and companion of Robert de Montesquiou .

He was of Peruvian or Argentinian nationality,1 and he was born in Argentina.

He settled in Paris and served first as secretary to Baron Doasan, a well-known homosexual, one of Marcel Proust's models for Baron Charlus in In Search of Lost Time.

In 1885 he met Robert de Montesquiou and became his secretary and lover 2 . He died of diabetes in 1905 . His disappearance left Montesquiou deeply affected. Three years after his death, he published in his memory a collection of testimonies, poems and correspondence, under the title The Chancellor of Flowers, Twelve Friendship Stations 3 , which was printed in a hundred copies.

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